Mortal Kombat 4 - Jax's Ending

Mortal Kombat 4 - Jax's Ending

”It’s Over Jarek!, Shinnok Is Dead, The Good Guys Won, You’re Coming Back With Me!”

Jax’s Ending In Mortal Kombat 4 is Infamous for being one of the worst fighting game endings of all time. In 2017, users on YouTube were making remixes of the ending. Like slowing it down everytime a Character is mentioned.

“Going Somewhere Jarek!?”

The ending has a lot of famous quotes like it’s over Jarek, Jarek’s Laugh/Scream and Going Somewhere Jarek just to name a thew. Mortal Kombat 4 has a lot of bad endings. But this one is the worst of them all.

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