A n00b (sometimes usually "noob" or "newb") is a phrase used to indicate someone who is new or more commonly does bad (or sucks) at something. In other ways it's someone who's inexperienced and/or ignorant or unskilled person. The phrase n00b is also used in rage comics and memes, and the term is especially used in online games.

Roblox Edit

The name n00b has also been used on Roblox to indicate if the person is new or if they are bad at the game they are playing.Sometimes on Roblox, they also call some players admin (which is short for administrator) that have been in the game for a long time, and it is known to be an opposite version of n00b as well.

Minecraft Edit

In Minecraft, noobs are typically people that don't know what they're doing. Noobs refuse to use any help from other players, so they are usually unable to find diamonds. If they do come across diamonds in a cave,they will mine it with a stone or wooden pickaxe. Noobs usually create dirt houses instead of huge mansions. They usually do PvP with a wooden sword and leather armor. The opposite of noobs are pros, who find diamonds. Pros, however, are usually very egotistical.

Name EtymologyEdit

Noob is short for "newbie".

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