The last panel in the No Joe No comics


No, Joe No! is a multi-pane exploitable based on a stick figure comic strip featuring Joe and Sally. While the author behind original comic remains in search, the blank template has spawned an extensive pool of derivatives on popular gaming communities like GamesFAQ and GameSpot, as well as on 4chan’s /v/ board.

Popularity: Super Smash Brothers Brawl ForumsEdit

On April, the 27th 2008, a GameFAQ user “Shadow Light Master” created a canonical battle thread in the site’s Super Smash Bros. forums, titled Ultimate Canonical Battle Topic, Explained with comics.

The thread and the comic template quickly took off and eventually made its way over to GameSpot’s SSBB forums, where it spawned 25 pages worth of derivatives and comments. Both threads on GameFAQs and GameSpot remained active for months before they were archived. The exploitable also spread to 4chan’s /v/ board (as early as in August 2008).