• No running in the halls (AKA, No running in the halls, detention for you) is a quote from the character "The Principal of the Thing" from the popular horror game "Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning".

Meaning Edit

The Principal of the Thing says "No running in the halls, detention for you" as a result of the player running in the halls. Other similar lines occur if the player does other things in the game. Such as drinking soda, eating food, entering factually rooms, and others. The Principal of the Thing is the principal in Baldi and has a very sensitive mind and if he sees what you’re doing wrong (drinking soda, running in the halls etc, etc) he will give you 15 or more seconds of detention

About Baldi’s Basics Edit

Baldis Basics was a horror video game by Just Games, it was about a kid who had to get notebooks for a friend to return because they forgot them and is you get an answer wrong on the notebook Baldi will chase you around the school. The Principal comes from time to time and if you do something wrong he will give you detention and if you leave same thing. If you get jumpscared you die. But this is about the principal so he gives detention.

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