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Philosamorph meme

Philosamorph is a parody of philosoraptor and the futurama fry meme. The term Philosamorph is a mix of the Meme Philosoraptor and the term Lagamorph, due to the fact that max(Character from Sam and max, and the meme title character). The picture is from the 1997 kids show on Fox kids The adventures of Sam and Max, which unlike the game is more child appropriate. The picture is taken from the episode Fool's Die on Friday.

Although this meme is basically the philosoraptor, this meme mainly focuses on Sam & max specific jokes. Max's facial expression appears more different than the philosoraptor or fry. Notice the pictures on the right specify to Sam & Max, the irony of them being from the game as opposed to the show.
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The common question of if Max is a Rabbit or actually a Lagamorph, as he is commonly referred to as both.

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another philosamorph meme

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