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Robotnik saying "Pingas".

Pingas is a term first coined by YouTube user Stegblob in his famous YouTube Poop, "Robotnik Has a Viagra Overdose." Piiiiiiiiinnnngggaaaaaaaaaaaas!

i think i scratched my elbow (meme)

Originally from the AOSTH [Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog]

Robotnik is talking to Coconuts the robotic monkey and then sends him to washing duty. The two robots from the Sonic Squad fall through the door and Robotnik says "Snooping as usual I see". However it was heard as "SnooPING AS usual I see'' because of the emphasis he put on ”Ping.” in ”Snooping.” and ”as.” making it sound like it was combined.

Usage on the web

The Youtube Poop "Robotnik Has a Viagra Overdose," uploaded in May of 2007 by Stegblog, was the first to use the pronunciation of this statement to mean "penis," forming the "pingas" meme.

When the YouTube Poop "Robotnik Has a Viagra Overdose" was uploaded in May of 2007, the pingas meme did not become well-known immediately. It was not used elsewhere until almost a year later when McMaNGOS uploaded the YouTube video entitled “THIS VIDEO CONTAINS WIN.” This both popularized "pingas" and formed a new meme: "THIS VIDEO CONTAINS." This meme consists of a face superimposed on a picture of Dr. Robotnik combined with phrases or sounds creating a song. “Pingas” was the first and most popular phrase to be used in this meme. As a result of this, the phrase “Pingas” has become widespread across the Internet.


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Ever since Stegblog's video became popular, the Internet has been using the phrase with great frequency.