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a comic of an alternative drawn poker face

The comics usually use dirty situations to make them funny, like someone making love in bed or trying to do dirty-minded activities towards a woman, and when the person's caught in the act, he'll make a straight face to try to hide the awkwardness.


It eventually got a cult following and became more widespread.


Bad Poker Face, a counterpart of the normal Poker Face, albeit less professional.

There has been lots of Poker Face counterparts found on the internet. One example is a version of him titled "P-P-P-Poker Face" where he's dressed like Lady Gaga, which is meant to poke fun at Lady Gaga's song "Poker Face". One of the most recognizable counterparts of him is called "Bad Poker Face", where he appears more desperate than the original and even sports an awkward grin & eyebrows. Theres also a pirate version of him with an eye-patch and a hook, "Dat A** Guy" who's a slightly-perverted smiling version of Poker Face, and many other counterparts.



  • In the DS game WarioWare D.I.Y., one of the microgames is titled "Poker Face" and the man in the microgame has a similar face to this meme.
  • Poker Face appears to be as shaken-up as "My Brain Is Full Of F***" and "Are You Serious", along with having a similar facial-structure to "Me Gusta".
  • He appears to have his letters captioned in red rather than black, though the meme can sometimes be titled in black as well.
  • On the internet in April 2009, about 100% of people who have been searching "Poker Face" on the internet have been interested in the Poker face meme.
  • The Poker Face meme is not to be confused with the song called "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga or "Poker Face" as in the face of the poker (casino) game.
  • There has been an alternatively drawn version of poker face encountered on Reddit, though it's unknown who published it. By the way, I loVe spagetti. :))