Protegent is an Anti-Virus computer software that adults can use to monitor what their children are doing on the computer while they’re doing it, though the software is heavily critisized for not actually working at all. They have a song on their website called “Protegent Rap” and it is sung by their mascot, Proto.

Protegent’s mascot, Proto


The meme started to get popular through Vinesauce Joel's Windows Vista Corruptions, where he looks for malware to download and comes across Protogent and their Protogent Rap, he downloads it and later gets his computer a hefty virus, and he opens up Protogent and Protogent says everything is fine, despite the massive computer-destroying virus.


The main draw to the Protogent Rap was a case of "So bad its good", where the rap was so flawed (Very low-budget animation, bad voice-acting, bad writing, outdated rap style, etc) that it was funny due to how bad it was (mainly from how Joel laughed at its awfulness), and people began to make distorted versions of the video in the format of Edited Memes.

Protogent and his rap became kinda popular for a while, even getting some solid amounts of views, and another video made by Protogent with Proto getting malware on his computer and having it fixed became popular as well, but the fanbase died out after a while due to how the joke eventually got stale and it was difficult for people who didn't see Joel's video to get the joke without "fully embracing the cringe".

It had a small appearance on SiIvagunner's channel (since it's a vinesauce meme), but it wasn't big enough to make him closely related to the SiIvagunner channel itself.

Protegent rap but its a poorly made ROBLOX music video

Protegent rap but its a poorly made ROBLOX music video


This meme later spawned the super why meme due to protogent's mascot being a re-color of the main character from that show.

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