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General Info Edit

Purple Shep is an ExplodingTNT character and the son of Pink Sheep and the Ender Dragon. He also has a voice that sounds like yelling, even though he describes it as being as loud as a mouse screaming into your ear.

Personality Edit

Purple Shep is kind of a not smart person. He was born corrupted and is so ugly that Herobrine died. He has trouble pronouncing some words as he calls a computer "compooper" and subscribers "subscreebes". Purple Shep is known to wander around aimlessly. He has a large liking to toasters as a whole. He is not scared of horror games, and often laughs at them, while Failboat is definitley scared.

YouTube Channel Edit

Purple Shep has an eponymous YouTube channel. He currently has around 430 thousand subscribers, and his videos frequently feature Failboat ("Uncle Failboot"), who is also another YouTuber. He also has a twitter account (@PurpleShepUtub).

Quotes Edit

oH GoLLy HellO unCLe FaIlBOOt
HeLLO ThERe toaSTeR heads
PuRple ShEP
i aM goING tO sTICK mY head In A ToASter nOw goODbyE
oH GoLLy

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