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Robbie Rotten is the main villain in LazyTown, a TV series, and appears in We Are Number One. He is played by Stefán Karl Stefánsson. Here's a little lesson in trickery...this is gonna go down in history. he loves little kids and works with Herbert. Bobby once killed him with a net. For some reason our lord and savoir Robbie is considered the villain, but we all know he is the hero and as he quotes "We are number one", not I am number one. He believes everyone is great and we are all number one, not just himself. Stefán died by a disease he caught and that sadly had to stop the series of LazyTown. Everyone will still remember him and the amazing acts and the song We are Number One

He also teached You how to be a Pirate

R.I.P Stefán Karl.


LazyTown - We are Number One Music Video