Saness, also known as SANESSSS, is a parody of sans from Undertale created by Sr. Pelo in his video Underpants: Genocide Ending [FOOLS!!!].


Appearance Edit

He strongly resembles Sans, but with a larger left eye containing a cyan ring for his iris, along with a deformed body.

Further Information Edit

(why the hell there is spanish)O video "Cueca: Fim do Genocídio !!!" começa como um vídeo normal, até que tudo de fato e "MOGOLOVONIO" comecei a tocar. É um vídeo de brincadeira respondendo a todas as pessoas pedindo por um vídeo de "Cueca: Fim do Genocídio". Ele também aparece no final de "Underpants: Genocide: Spare sans", onde Underpants Sans o confronta.this is deh links

Saness is highly synanymous with the song "MOGOLOVONIO", a parody of "Megalovania" where the music is a very, VERY dumb-sounding acapella of the original song. He's rarely mentioned with a theme song other than "MOGOLOVONIO".

Weapons Edit

  • Bone gun (Fires a gigantic bone disproportionate to it's tiny size when still in the gun)
  • Tom's Head (from Tom and Jerry, can fire a big ass lazer from it's mouth)

Notable Quotes Edit

  • "SSSSAAANNNEESSSSS!!!" —In Underpants: Genocide: Spare sans.
  • "DO YOU WANNA HAVE A BAD TOM???" —First Said In Underpants: Genocide [APRIL FOOLS!!!] (Tom's Head from Tom and Jerry flashes quickly on the screen after he says this)
  • "BOOM!" — Underpants: Genocide Ending: Spare sans.
  • "SSSSAAANNNSSSSSSS DANCE" ☃☃: Cueca: Genocídio

Trivia Edit

  • "MOGOLOVONIO" is spelt the same as "Megalovania", except with all the vowels as "O"s.
  • spanish is ugly
  • no it is not you are ugly
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