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saness, in all his glory

Saness, also known as SANESSSS, is a parody of Sans from Undertale created by Sr Pelo in his video Underpants: Genocide Ending [FOOLS!!!].


He strongly resembles Sans, but with a larger left s eye containing a star for his iris, along with a deformed body.

Further Information[]

My theory is that Ink!saness is an AU character. His story, very similar to Saness, is unknown. However, according to fans:

Sans have mutated and SANESS has turned into

There might be a reason Ink!Saness says bad tom.

For example, in "Forgette" there is "Bad Tom" Fight can be attributed to that!

This Fight was never passed by anyone. Ink!Saness only says words like "Fuck you" "im snas" "bad tom" like a robot programmed to say them.

It is very similar to Underpants sans and also what they tell us at first is the same dialogs as underpants sans.


INK!Saness is highly synanymous with the song "MOGOLOVONIO", a parody of "Megalovania" where the music is a very, VERY Awesome-sounding acapella of the original song. He's rarely mentioned with a theme song other than "TOKYOVONIO".


  • Bone gun (Fires a gigantic bone disproportionate to it's tiny size when still in the gun)
  • Tom's Head (from Tom and Jerry, can fire a big ass lazer from it's mouth)

Notable Quotes[]

  • "SSSSAAANNNEESSSSS!!!" —In Underpants: Genocide: Spare sans.
  • "DO YOU WANNA HAVE A BAD TOM?!?" —First Said In Inkypants: Genocide [APRIL FOOLS!!!] (Tom's Head from Tom and Jerry flashes quickly on the screen after he says this)
  • "BOOM!" — uNDERpants: Genocide Ending: Spare sans.
  • "SSSSAAANNNSSSSSSS DANCE" ☃☃: Cueca: Genocídio


  • "MOGOLOVONIO" is spelt the same as "Megalovania", except with most the vowels as "O"s.


Bounces up and down very fast, has an extremely big smile, and looks like a poorly drawn character from InkTale Sans, and when fighting the text says “Fuck you”