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Smudge the Cat, also known as Cat at Dinner Table and the handle @smudge_lord on Instagram , is a white cat who rose to fame online for appearing in a photograph seated in front of a salad plate from the Woman Yelling at a Cat meme, sometimes referred to as Confused Cat at Dinner.


On June 19th, 2018, Tumblr user deadbefordeath posted a photograph of a white cat with a confused expression sitting in a chair in front of a plate with vegetables in it, titling the post "he no like vegetals." The post gained over 50,300 likes and reblogs over the next year.


On May 27th, 2019, the @smudge_lord Instagram feed was created, with the first post highlighting a cropped portion of Smudge seated in front of the plate of salad.

On August 4th, Redditor TheGempioVulpin posted an image macro featuring Smudge to /r/memes,[3] where it gathered upwards of 36,700 points (97% upvoted) and 190 comments within four days (shown below, left). The following day, a blank template of the same format was submitted to the /r/MemeTemplatesOfficial[4] subreddit (shown below, right).

Also on August 5th, Redditor _space_cucumber submitted a screenshot of several Smudge photographs submitted by its owner to the "This Cat Is C H O N K Y" Facebook page (shown below). Within four days, the post gathered upwards of 14,600 points (97% upvoted) and 70 comments on /r/PewDiePieSubmissions.