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An Axolotl with the caption "So I herd u liek Mudkipz"


The Mudkip has a mediocre reputation amongst Pokemon fans, but ever since its first appearance on 4chan has become one of the de facto mascots of the subversive image board. This animal is an axolotl.


The origin stories of the Mudkip meme are many and varied.Many cite a particular piece of copypasta as the origin, while others credit a thread on DeviantART.One early instance of the copypasta can be traced back to 4chan circa 2006. (WARNING: nsfw) A forums search for “mudkip” on DeviantART yields depressing results. A journal search for “mudkip” on DeviantART points to the notorious April Fool’s Day prank when DeviantART replaced all users profile images with Mudkips. A Google Trends search shows that something big had happened in the two weeks prior to the DeviantART April 1st prank.

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