Speedycat is a lesser meme from the Lolcat family represented by a yellowish, supposedly female, drawn cat that can fly at the speed of light and, sometimes, at great warp speeds,which is about letting it fly at any speed it wants. Her only relation with Longcat isthatshe got her own sentence copied from that latter’s “long cat is looooooong” thing. Beside that, there’s not true relation between her and any cat meme. She’s not part of the Lolcat Bible either for there’s no mention of her anywhere in it. However, ED’s article for Longcat states that Speedycat and Longcat are not only dating, but have had a child.




The meme came from one of IRC chatrooms named #4chan in the late months of 2005. One of them was nicknamed “Speedchat” or “Speedychat” because it was usually invaded by excessive spammers or by people typing too fast at the same time. Then, upon hearing the “speedy cat” song from the Japanese group Y&Co, song wich was featured in the 2004 Beatmania IIDX 11 rythm game, an idea to create a new cat meme for 4chan started appearing and be put forwards. There was an appeal in the fact that this song was somewhat Engrishly badly sung coupled with the metaphor of a “speedy” cat which initially represented a woman car racer.

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