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SpongeBoy / SpongeBoi me Bob! is a meme that was made in 2019.

What is this Meme?[]

The meme is about edited videos that people make that shows any pictures of Mr. Krabs that they pick and shows meme text on the top and the bottom that says stuff like “AHOY, SPONGEBOB! I’M SUFFERING FROM NICOTINE WITHDRAWL GIMME A POD ME BOI” or “ SPONGEBOI ME BOB! I HAVEN’T EATEN FOOD IN 45 DAYS AND IM GOING TO DIE FROM STARVATION” or “SPONGEBOI ME BOB! I,VE SEEN HORRIBLE THINGS THAT NOBODY SHOULD EVER SEE!” and “SPONGEBOI ME BOB! I HAVE ASS CANCER AND IM GOING TO DIE!” and the people have to do a Mr. Krabs voice line in the background of saying those lines and ending the video by doing the Mr. Krabs “ARG ARG ARG ARG ARG” Laugh.


Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8XpSVrr5EY