Surprise Buttsecks -Song-

Surprise Buttsecks -Song-

Surprise, Buttsecks is a meme that originated from a Remix song that was based on Team Fortress 2. It is a remix of the sound Yonk by Syrsa.

It’s a remix of the spy saying surprise and buttsecks. Buttsecks is meant to say ‘butt Sex’, a really disturbing word.

The video was so popular that it was used in a lot of Gmod videos, such as a video called: ‘Surprise‘. It would later on be used as the theme song of the Freak Fortress 2 Boss ‘Sexually Challanged Spy’. As the meme is so incredibly hard to explain apart from it’s disturbing and it’s more likely a YouTube Poop Music Video.

”Surprise...BUTTSECKS” is repeated sometimes during the song and snorts.

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