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Tac-nayn is the evil version of Nyan Cat (tac-nayn = nyan cat in reverse).

The kitty's a black cat with sharp teeth, angry red eyes and eyebrows, it's torso is a waffle and it's rainbow stream is completely devoid of color, aka monochrome. In the original video, it's seen flying across a wine-red sky filled with serious-looking skulls.


Just as Tac Nayn is just Nyan Cat's name spelled backwards, it's theme song is just a reversed version of the original Nyan Cat. (Clarification: The theme song is "nyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanaynya! by daniwell-p. the original is sung by hatsune miku and the cover seen in both this and Nyan Cat is sung by UTAUloid Momone Momo.) According to the original YouTube video’s description:

“owenxd, (pronounced ołen IKSDE, or in his native tongue a complex series of clicks and shrill cries) his very name brings children to tears. owenXD’s return heralds the end of reality as we know it; within the next year the seas will boil and skulls will rain down from blood-filled clouds. (Parents remember to keep your children indoors for the skull rain thing.) Every [[1]] years owenXD’s universe, the reverse-verse, merges with our own in a battle for reality supremacy! Donning the evil Belgian-waffle armor Tac-nayn cannot be harmed by our puny mortal weapons; only his


arch-nemesis, Nyan Cat is powerful enough to tear through his golden, delicious hide. So, remember to keep your eye out for blood red clouds and boiling seas; just stay in those days and make yourself some hot-pockets. And behold, his devilish sister, Tac-nyan, with the numbers 666 (the demon's numbers) on the waffle.

Fans say the song's lyrics sound like "Lemon lemon lime lime lime lime lemon lemon lime lime lime". Many have theorized this is because the inhabitants of the reverse-verse are known for being more sour than lemon and lime combined. Which is honestly impressive.


Tac Nayn has telekinesis, laser/lazer vision, reversesa beam (causes things to go in reverse) and a monochrome rainbow behind him that makes him faster. He can shoot Dark Beams from his mouth,,and can even create random explosions. Tac Nayn also has the ability to shoot an almost infinite amount of Homing Super Rockets out of his palms. Or paws.


A now unavailable video was uploaded to YouTube called taC nayN (the very first) which was uploaded by AmazingPurpleCat on 20 Apr 2011 an archive of this no longer available video on the wayback machine can be found here [2]. Another video was uploaded to YouTube called TACNAYN {original}, uploaded by Urijahuri on 21 Apr 2011.



TaC nayN (the very first)

The very first Tac Nayn/taC nayN video.



Tac Nayn