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"Taels" Prewor The Fox is Sanic's best friend and sidekick.


Taels can fly with his two tails, a disadvantage is that sometimes they could get tangled together and not be able to fly. Taels also can spin dash. He can also slightly catch up to Sanic by going as fast as 8 times the speed of light. Since Taels has an IQ of 420, he can outsmart his foes easily. One time he cured his chronic back pain by shoving rocks really far up his ass, he can act dumb sometimes but he does possess his great intelligence. He also has an unstoppable MLG form like Sanic, except he has more control over his as it is weaker than Sanic as Taels is a quick scope master. Taels is also very young and can also get easily afraid if he is facing a tough fight,.

Super Taels[]


Like Sanic, Taels can use the Chaos Doritos and become SUPER TAELS. He can noscope while moving at 1000x his normal speed and wreck scrubs instantly.

Hyper Taels[]


Taels can go even further beyond and become HYPER TAELS while smoking weed and transforming into Super Taels.


He is a poorly drawn version of Sonic’s sidekick Tails the Fox. One of his eyeballs are bigger than the other, his shoes look just like Sanic Hegehog’s shoes. He has a big smile and has circle gloves, one of his tails don’t have white on the end.. Taels is Similar to Tails