Meles "Taels" Prewor The Foxy Fuk is Sanic's best friend. He has an IQ of 420, which makes him super smart, as well as MLG powers that are more controllable than Sanic's, though he spends most of his time inventing.

he once killed sanic


Taels can fly with his two tails, a disadvantage is that sometimes they could get strangled together and not be able to fly. He can also catch up to Sanic by going as fast as 11.5x the speed of light. Since Taels has an IQ of 420, he can outsmart his foes easily. He also has an unstoppable MLG form like Sanic, except he has more control over his as it is weaker than Sanic.

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Super Form

Like Sanic, Taels can use the Chaos Doritos and become SUPER TAELS. He can noscope while moving at 1000x his normal speed and wreck scrubs instantly.

Super-Duper Form

Taels can go even further beyond and become HYPER TAELS while smoking weed while transforming into Super Taels.

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