In 2016, when the Presidential Race was running, one of the widely spread memes was called the Ted Cruz Zodiac Killer meme. This was a widely spread theory that Ted Cruz was the Zodiac Killer.


The Zodiac Killer Edit

This was a serial killer of unknown identity who killed more than 5 people in Northern California. The anonymous killer also made letters to the police. Now, the case is still open, and there has been no other letters or other messages from the Zodiac Killer.

Crimes Edit

David Faraday and his sixteen year old girlfriend Betty Lou Jensen were shot in Vallejo, California by the Zodiac Killer. Another couple, Darleen Ferrin and Mike Mageau were killed in a similar way in Vallejo, California. After these incidents, the Zodiac Killer made letters to the police stating that he killed the couples and that future attacks will happen if the letters were not printed on the paper's front page.

Debunking Edit

The assumption that Ted Cruz and the Zodiac Killer are the same person has been debunked several times. The major issue with the theory was that Ted Cruz had been born after the attacks took place. This was a definite issue with the whole theory.

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