Teh Meme Wiki

This wiki is still very small and needs improvement. There are several things that need to be done.

General Maintenance[]

A list of requests can be found on Teh Meme Wiki's Community Portal. If you want to improve this Wiki, but none of the below requests are in your interest, you can find a request in the above link.

Clean-up & Expansion[]

Several articles need to be improved on this wiki. Pages include stubs, articles that need cleanup, and griefed/vandalized articles.

If you are editing one of the pages below, add a dash followed by your Fandom username, so we know which ones are being worked on. This will allow us to expand the wiki faster.

Below are pages that are above 25% complete, but less than 90% complete.

  • Rage Comics (overall, this page needs to be redone)
  • Me Gusta (35% complete; needs more images)
  • Rage Guy (45-50% complete; may need a few more images)
  • Forever Alone (60% complete)
  • You Don't Say (About 25-30% complete; definitely needs a cleanup)
  • LOL Guy (About 40% complete; needs cleanup)
  • Hello There (About 50% complete; needs an image)
  • Cereal Guy (About 80% complete, needs the images moved to a gallery, needs to sound more formal)

The following pages have just barely been started (Less than 25% complete):

Please see completed articles such as Rules of the Internet for an example.

Wanted Articles[]

Teh Meme Wiki needs the following articles, to name a few.

Update2: Firetiger has added Valve (company).

  • Reverse Counterpart
  • Minor Mistake Marvin

And several more pages.

Image Galleries[]

Most pages will need an image gallery to sort their images. It should be noted however, that some pages are in need of more images (see Cleanup & Expansion for a few examples). To add an image gallery, first add the MemeTab template, then create the page using the link provided.

Please see completed articles such as Forever Alone - Image Gallery for an example.


Due to its small size, Teh Meme Wiki is very vulnerable to vandalism, gibberish, and false information. If a page gets vandalized, be sure to repair the damage and report the vandal to an admin.