• Today I wanna play "meme times". How to play: You chose a meme and you made up a level, and them the chosen meme is the character. Please post me the image when done.

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    • Poppy:

      This is my meme time.

      I chosen "Bubble Buddy" for "SpongeBob".

      My level is full of darkness, needles, rage, blood, horror and true.


      You are "Bubble Buddy", a bubble. One day, you fall asleep.

      21 years later, you woke up only to find out you are in a "bloodpile".

      To walk, use A and D.

      To jump, use W. Press it 2 times to jump to higher grounds.

      Keep out for the needles, they can make you lost a life.

      You have only 7 lifes.

      Afterwards, you went teleported to the "Bloodedland".

      Here, DXs come, planning Plan Z: Pop you and your son.

      Be careful!

      Now, an mob of foxes are planned to followed Plan Z.

      Now, run!

      And last, the foxes are coming to you!

      You needed to get the door before it too late.

      The foxes were hiding in the door and pop you.

      The true story pops up as the game end.

      (Sorry for the black gene, I hate this idea.)

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