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An image of Trogdor causing "burnination" across the land


Trogdor originates from the “StrongBad” show on Homestar Runner. Originally, StrongBad was showing a viewer how to draw a dragon. After moderate popularity of the episode, the meme took off as people saw the hilarious opportunities that Trogdor offered.

Spread on the Internet[]

Trogdor has been placed in numerous image macros, often themed around destruction and “burnination” caused by Trogdor.

The popularity of the meme spawned a user-created internet web game by the same name. The purpose of the game which you play as Trogdor to cause total burnination by crushing helpless peasants across the land.


  • Trogdor’s theme song from the StrongBad episode was given a rock makeover and included in the video game Guitar Hero 2.
  • Trogdor seems to be a popular topic to carve into pumpkins.