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"Oil floats on water. Step 1- Cover yourself in oil. Step 2-Wait for it to rain. Step 3-Fly."

The Trollge is a recurring antagonist seen in many images and videos, usually meme and creepy pastas . It is typically depicted as the physical manifestation of human suffering, terror, and misery.

The Trollge has appeared in many fan creations

fan games and works, even starting its own subreddit with 1.8k members and with a now official discord for the subreddit. It was started by u/Unfunnyman_man123 on the subreddit r/196.


Trollge is seen as an extremely thin figure with a head resembling troll face. Every part of him is configurable by Trollge as he can shift into any monstrous being he wants. Sometimes the forms he takes are practical (like when he once turned himself into a giant tree root with a disturbingly disfigured face with several eyes and acidic blood to tear half of the earth out in one reality). Sometimes it's just to mess around with his victim (referring to the one time he turned himself into a reality warping pickle for the hell of it).



The Trollge was once the Trollface back in 2011, but as he was forgotten, he was filled with an insane vengeance.

The Warnings[]

The warnings are a set of 5 recordings from, what we can assume, to be a survivor of the Trollge, who tells the listener how to survive and to hide from the Trollge. The final entry shows what happens to anybody caught. Before the tape's video cuts out, we see the Trollge walk closer and closer, before loud screaming and fleshy tearing can be heard for a solid minute before the tape cuts out.

The Recordings of the Trollge[]

There have been several recordings of the Trollge documented so far. In one of the more important ones, we can see the Trollge breaking into a house where we see Derp, Derpina and Me Gusta. All three look tired and severely injured. As the Trollge speaks something backwards we can hear Me Gusta screaming in the background. The Trollge is then seen murdering Me Gusta violently via breaking his bones.

The Ending[]

As we can see the Trollge covered in oil in the forest, an unknown person records it while getting found by the monster. But then the rain comes and the Trollge disappears, presumably flying away. It is unknown if the Trollge is deceased or is still alive.

Abilities and Information[]

This Trollge has frown

Trollge has been seen with multiple different abilities and other bits of information that is important to Trollge's existence, so we'll talk about them here.

Reality Distortion[]

Trollge can warp reality as it is, changing atom arrangements and defying physics and laws of time. Trollge has been seen turning water into blood, changing a banana into a Colt 1851 Navy Revolver with custom cartidges made of human flesh, floating around as a monster in the atmosphere, rearranging human body parts to kill the victim. You get the idea.

Alternate Reality[]

Trollge is a major issue to the other multiple universes out there with millions and trillions of him. Our universe is one of the only realities that are absent by Trollge's rage, as Trollge in this universe wasn't filled with rage and vengeance when he was forgotten, but rather just sad. All Trollge incidents that have been posted and dated have happened, or will happen in other universes, so we can just say that we're safe for now.

Body Material[]

Trollge's black and thin body that can be changed and configured however he wants is made of a substance that is a solid, liquid, and gas at the exact same time, making physical attacks useless towards him. Trollge also only shows emotions of insanity, happiness, and disappointment. Trollge has never been seen communicating to someone and not murdering them immediately, as he only feeds on the fear and sheer negative emotions from living beings. He also has an infinite mass, due to his body being indestructible. His head is made of human flesh that he had collected from murdering others, he can too change this head into whatever he wants.


  • According to the original creator of the Trollge, he can hear every sound you make.
  • The Trollge has been referenced in a Roblox game called "Typical Colors 2".
  • Trollge has been confirmed that he will come back, according to the original creator.
  • The Trollge has a own mod of a game called "Friday Night Funkin", featuring multiple people transformed into different Trollges.
  • The Trollge has a Roblox hat titled "Brollge".
  • There is a Garry's Mod SNPC called "THERULER". It might be the creator of Trollge, hence its name. It is nearly impossible to kill, even an admin gun can not one-shot it.
  • There is a section of "Mr.Incredible becomes uncanny" memes and it is included with the song" It's just a burning memorie"