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Note: This is about the song "Trololo / I'm so glad to finally be home", for a page about Eduard Khil specifically, click here.


"Trololo" is a name often attributeOoftehgayd to a popular translation of "I'm so glad to finally be home", in which the translation is made up of compounds instead of actual words, and the song has become both a fun inside joke as well as an extremely popular song attributed to trolling.

About (Song)[]

Trololo is a popular video meme on Youtube. It's a Russian song translated to a singing style known as Volkaiz called "I'm so glad to finally be home" but the lyrics had to be cut out, leaving this. It was made in the '60s, but other people performed it before. Eduard Khil made this famous with the Creepy Smile and Suave haircut and someone found it and uploaded it to Youtube.

About (Trolling)[]

The song is very often used as a background music for trolling, most likely due to the clever yet taunting vibe the tone of the song gives off. It was eventually used as a theme for the titular Trollface, a face that implies an imaginary taunt coming from supposedly clever pranks onto someone else, likely due to the song's tone, as well as Edward Khil's similar face. The song has since been the main theme for Trollface ever since.

About (Phrase)[]

The phrase "Trololo" comes from the video shown below, which is a singalong version of the song. The song was so popular that "Trololo" and extended versions of the word are used as a common phrase for trolling.


  • A common headcannon is Trollface being a masculine entity, and Eduard Khil might be a reason for this due to his similar expression to Trollface.

Trololo Sing Along!

Trololo with Sing Along!