Trunks screams the infamous line.

Trunks Goes Insane is a series of youtube videos surrounding Dragon Ball Z Character "Future Trunks" screaming "NO!!!!!!" after some event that he gets frustated at. Some examples are after losing a video game, or another event. Normally, the bystanders and ho he is yelling at get bloody ears. This is not always the case, as seen in the original, "IF THEY SET THAT ANDROID FREE IT WILL BE THE END OF ALL OF US!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!".

Origin of the MemeEdit

This meme started when Trunks, in the Dragon Ball Z Anime, worries about the androids being set free by Dr. Gero. The addition of pain inflicted to the other people sparked the meme. This meme is not as known as other memes, but, still, like OVER 9000!!!!! It is well known around the game/anime community.

Similarities and Influence from other memesEdit

This meme has much influence from the Lazer Collection and other Clip Show memes, because it puts the same slogan into different scenarios.

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