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The stinkiest orangatan ever.

“Uh Oh, Stinky!” or “Le Monke” is a fat stinky orangutan who zooms into the screen, while a mysterious person is doing a voiceover. He likes looking at disorted pictures of Billie Elilish because it makes him poop. There's this gif were Billie Elilish is distorted and singing. She singing about how much she likes spiders, pooping, and weird things.

Le Monke Origins

Le Monke was born an immortal god. He is from the "Fartsie" Clan, which was one of the strongest clans in Monke history. He was always very handsome from birth and all the Monke's worshipped him from a very young age. He was fed a lot of food becuase of his status, causing himto be obese and Stinky. He holds the power to immortality and is still alive to this day. She spends his free time throwing poop at le wall and being s T i N k y. It is not sure of its gender.

Le Monke Religion

Le Monke is worshipped by many Monke's all around the universe. It is also worshipped by degenerate humans. There is even a cult dedicated to Le Monke. It is called "Stinky Dinky" as hinted in the description of the original LE MONKE video. There have been many parodies and covers of Uh oH StInKY such as: Uh oh stinky british version and uh oh stinky at your window and even uh oh stinky lavender town. The creators of these covers are said to be the lost and forgotten members of the FARTSIE CLAN. Go on Go Fund Me to help reunite these lost members.

Song lyrics (From

*poops* I like pooping so much

It is so much fun

I do it each day

I like eating poop because it gives me energy

Sometimes I fart


I like pooping!

Poop is the stinkiest and best thing ever.



Le Monke is an obese MONKE. It has brown hair and neon pink nose hairs. It is le very COOL and has le BIG BELLY. He's stinky and doesn't bathe. He likes pooping on anything.

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