One percent of my power

Ultra Instinct Shaggy (also known as god sometimes) is one of the most powerful entities in the meme world.

Origin Edit

Shaggy is from Scooby-Doo. People refer to him as "God", "Lord and Savior", etc. He has power comparable to Matt the Mii.

Stats Edit

Strength: Over 100000

Speed: Indescribable.

Durability: Over 100000

Agility: Indescribable.

Strength Edit

Only uses 1% of his power against powerful entities and wins. Literaly.

can eat tide pods and bleach for BEKFEST

Beats the living shit out of Mortal Kombat Kombatants.

Can hold the universe like lifting weights.

Speed Edit

Definitely faster than the speed of light. About 10000 Sextillion times more.

Outran teleportation

Faster than the Flash

DODGED Thanos's snap.

Durability Edit

Needs no introduction.

Survives everything.

Agility Edit

Very agile. You cannot describe it what so ever.

Other Edit

He walks on your face easily.

He can revive dead monsters via a black and dark blue aura that he emits from his hands.

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