Best Employee Ever

  • I live in Who knows? you might as well start looking.
  • I was born on May 4

I'm 12 years old in indonesia guess i don't need to tell ya cuz you can read whatever the thing up there.

Yes i'm a brony deal with it.

Obey meh and i shall spare ur life

Facts that not so interestingEdit

  1. I'm a brony
  2. This is my userpage
  3. My acronym is BEE
  4. I just love chat pages especially CoD chat
  5. I hate trolls and spammers
  6. I hate my little sister (She's so f*cking annoying)
  7. Thank's for reading!
  8. Some people call me:
  • Best
  • Employee
  • BEE
  • BEEF

Current targetEdit

  • Basic
  1. 1 Edit

  1. 5 Edits

  1. 10 Edits
  • Advanced
  1. 50 Edits
  2. 100 Edits
  • Expert
  1. Be a admin
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