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Once upon a time, in a universe far, far away, lived a human named Neha. Neha was very fond of memes. So, she decided to join "Teh Meme Wiki" just for fun. She really liked it here. She still likes it here to this day. There are so many cool things to do in "Teh Meme Wiki". Neha just enjoys to browse a selection of memes. Some of her favorites include the FitnessGram Pacer Test, Illuminati, and all of the Rage Comics.

Let's here something from Neha now.

Hey guys! I am Neha. I really enjoy being here. I especially love reading Rage Comics. What's that? "Derp" is not a common term anymore? I don't care. I still love all of the characters and the faces involved, such as Me Gusta, Aww Yeah, and especially Trolldad.

The funny thing is that my avatar is a Dancing Troll, even though I do not troll people that often. Really. If you want to, see me in real life to prove this.

Just kidding. DON'T SEE ME IN REAL LIFE.

There was a legend that went like, if you see Neha in real life, you will cringe so hard that your whole face will become scarred. For, in her true form, she is A QUEEN OF BAD PUNS.

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