aka Taco Eating Cat

  • I live in A Washing Machine, Occasionally In My Taco Stand. waluigi-
  • My occupation is A Mario Fan, Meme Fan, Pokemon Fan, FNAF Fan, Bendy Fan, Etc.
  • I am Undiscovered, (OKay, I'LL TELL YOU, ITS- *Screen Shuts Off*)

I am the one who ate your chocolate. and WE are #1 MEME COMMUNITYYYY.

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When your a Meme Lover. And You Ordered Pizza.

But The Box Was Empty.

Okay, Cut To The Chase Here.

I'm A Meme Fan Who Came On Here, No Shock.

To See Some Memes.

(I'm getting HIGHER and HIGHER!)

Some Random Meme Quotes: Edit

"Make Memes, Not War."

-Mark Twain

Deck Dem Halls.

"Life is hard, Suck it up, and go make memes."


"Live, Laugh, Love. If that doesn't work, Load Aim and Fire."


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