I may or may not exist.

Nicknames from the past: The Undead Meme, rod, Underp, 02

Don't try to find me here because I'm more active on the wikia of The Robots. (the game not the film)

So go over there.

Are you comic? Yes, good job!

3/7/2017: Today, I tracked down a few fake memes from a person that made a few fake memes, and he dared to 1v1 a Memeorator with some Dorito people on their side, which if you wanted to know, it's impossible to get away with a fake meme if an expert meme tracker is on your back.

3/13/2017: Today, I might quit memes, because of Noobelli. He's an evil traitor, trying to make fellow memers kill themselves. I recommend you dislike everything related to him, he's a terrible person.

3/18/2017: Today, Noobelli made everything the same as it was before his day of evil. The best dj is back in town, and she still has a huge supply of fresh memes.



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