aka Commodore

Mountain Dew Master Dorito Dude
  • I live in 1, Vault Road, Town, Aberoth. Is that sad?
  • My occupation is Gamer, Comic Book Lover And Very Frequent Wikia User.
  • I am Getting my pencilcase out of the recycling bin with a fishing rod... Okay, male.
  • Commodorelm

    I think it's about time for this...

    Anyway. Before, the only wiki I frequently used was The Book Of Aberoth Wiki. Then, one day, on the featured wiki section at the very bottom of a page, (Which Is Gone Now, I Think?) I saw, among others, a big picture of Dolan, and a caption that said Teh Meme Wiki. I though 'Oh, Cool. A Wiki About Memes! Maybe I'll go on it...'. A few days later, I went on it, And Discovered that there was no Page on Sanes. After adding the page, I went around adding more and more stuff, and now I'm the Bureaucrat, and have over 1,300 edits!

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  • Commodorelm

    800 Edits!

    February 22, 2017 by Commodorelm

    Wow! I'm really making a lot of edits! (Actually I have more than 800, according to Special:Listusers.)

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  • Commodorelm

    666 Edits,

    February 15, 2017 by Commodorelm

    Uh oh... I better go edit something!

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  • Commodorelm

    350 Edits!

    January 22, 2017 by Commodorelm

    Well, time really seems to fly by! Only about one month ago (Or less!) I joined this wiki to add a page on Sanes, and now I'm a Content/Discussions/Thread Moderator and Rollback with 350 Edits! I hope that as time goes by I'll continue to contribute, I probably (Certainly!) will.

    P.S. I have 1371 global edits across wikia! (I think...) P.P.S. This is the only wiki I have posted blogs about how many edits I have where people don't just answer with stuff like [[1]]. (The guy that posted that only had three edits, and they were all insulting me or vandalizing articles.)

    Bye now.

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  • Commodorelm

    100 Edits!

    December 29, 2016 by Commodorelm

    I now have over 100 edits! Yay!

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