Valve is a company that makes games, and manages Steam.

Some of Valve's games have/has memes, some popular (Pootis, etc.) and some not.

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Some popular memes on games by Valve:

- Pootis (based on Heavy Weapons Guys game line of when he says "Put dispenser here!", which the "Put dis-" part sounds like "Pootis".

- Half-Life 3 Confirmed, an internet joke to tell Valve that the fans want Half-Life 3, since Half-Life 2: Episode 2 ended with a cliff-hanger.

- Spycrab, a glitch in Team Fortress 2 which became popular.

- Gaben, it revolves a lot about Gaben being a kind of savior. And that he may come and bring Half-Life 3, which would save everyone (I guess).

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