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WALUIGI is a character in the Super Mario series who has mostly appeared in spin-offs. He is not really a world wide meme but there are many meme based products that are influenced from him.

Origin Edit

Waluigi was a character introduced in 2000 in Mario Tennis. He and Wario were intended to be rivals of Mario and Luigi. His name is a portmanteau of "warui" (Japanese for "bad"), and Luigi; hence, Waluigi is a "bad Luigi".

Meme status Edit

Waluigi became a meme because he was not in Smash, prompting many people to ask why he was not in Smash. Since then, many memes have been made about him, such as Waluigi being God, Waluigi being Lord and Savior, etc.

Waluigi is quite the singer. In 2015, a song called "Waluigi Funk" was uploaded to YouTube by Onizuka2794, was "Uptown Funk" by Bruno Mars with added Waluigi sound effects. There has actually been sheet music written for this. He also starred in a song called "We Are Number One but it's a Waluigi parody", which was released by SMG4 in 2017. He also starred in a song called "I Wanna Waa" by CG5 and Nenorama, which was made in 2018.

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