We are Venom is a meme from the trailer for the movie Venom (2018).

History[edit | edit source]

We Are Venom is venom’s most famous cathphrase which landed With other media.

In 2018 where the second venom trailer came out that showed venom grabbing someone’s neck as he gets up as he says: “We....Are Venom”, the memers then caught onto it and made many parodies which one of them being different characters transforming into venom while saying “We.....Are (Character’s Name)nom”

We Are Venom returns in the third venom trailer where venom is at a shopping area as he grabs a guy’s neck as he says: “We will eat both of your arms, and both of your legs and then we will eat your face right of your head you'll be this reckless armless faceless thing going down the street like a turd...In the wind", the guy says: "What the Hell are you?" then venom says: "We....Are Venom" And then eats his head



We Are Venom

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