In June 2005 a YTMND was published featuring an animated gif from the SNL clip, heads bobbing endlessly. It was a  Love was paired with goth singers, Bill Cosby, the O RLY? owl, iPod commercials, video game characters, and so many others.

In February 15, 2007, user JoeandTom of Newgrounds submitted a flash movie called What is Love?. It used South Park-style anination and told a story of a man trying to get a girl to like him. JoeandTom won “Daily Feature” and “Weekly Users’ Choice,” and his animated stands today with a score of 4.34 with 46,455 votes and 574,969 views.

But the question remains… what is love?

Side noteEdit

Jim carrey is having what appears to be a troll face (The guy in the back)

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