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StarCraft is a military science fiction real-time strategy video game developed by Blizzard Entertainment. The first game of the StarCraft series was released for Microsoft Windows on the 31st of March 1998.

In that game, there are three races: Terran, Zerg and Protoss. The Protoss are some kind of advanced technology aliens. To rightly play with this race, you can’t construct buildings without constructing “pylons” first.“Pylons” are one type of building that bound zones where you can construct things, provide energy to your buildings and increase the number of units you can own.

When you try to create buildings or units without fulfilling the pylon request, an electronic voice (the one that helps you throughout the game) warns you by declaring: “You must construct additional pylons!” or “We need more pylons!”

These funny catchphrases first appeared on YTMND, gaining minor but increasingly popularity from 2005 to 2007:

It led to 19 more YTMND occurrences involving Pylons.


The Starcraft catchphrase gained the most of its popularity on Youtube: In February the 4th 2007, influential Youtube Pooper Kajetokun, well-known for his Over 9000 and The balls are inert creations, made a video.

In it, the parody involved mainly DBZ characters, but some “additional pylons” parts can be seen. The video has gathered more than 500,000 views.

The 12th of February: Youtube user TheOreo made a tribute video to “THE WHOLE UNIVERSE IS GOING TO DIE”, reusing some of the “Additional pylons” parts. Although it gathered 90,000 views, it showed that derivatives began to rise.

Three days later, Kajetokun made another video, this time dealing with the “Additional pylons” parody in itself, in a musical way:

Even if it has got a less amount of views than his two previous “Over 9000” and “The Balls are inert” creations (“only” 600,000 views), it was enough to give birth to lot of derivatives taking place mainly in Youtube Poops:

Additionaly, there is a somewhat accurate Urban Dictionary entry dating from august 2007.

Ultimately, a website was created to be some kind of chat server.