General Info[edit | edit source]

Yushi is a Not very famous meme. He is the younger brother of Sanic.Failed to parse (syntax error): {\displaystyle \ce{микроби вирус CO2 + C -> 2 COCO2 + C -> 2 79зжжєжєєєєєєєєєєєєєєєєє COCO2 + C -> 2 COCO2 + C -> 2 COCO2 + C -> 2 COCO2 + C -> 2 COCO2 + C -> 2 CO}}

History[edit | edit source]

No History m8

Abilitys[edit | edit source]

He Is Nearly as Fast As Sanic. And he can jump higher than him. in his base form he is stronger than Sanic. But He isn't as hostile. and he has a other form that's called {The Angel of MLG} In This Form He gets the HyperScope Ability. The HyperScoper Is 69 times more powerful version than a normal noscope. Yushi Gets Also A Pair Of Wings Made of Dorrito's. The wings make him even faster. The Wings Can also act as shields and trust me they are nearly inposseble to break. to get to this form yushi must smoke weed, eat dorrito's AND drink mountain dew AT THE SAME TIME. yushi can also turn his {ULTRA FORM} this form is a little bit more powerful than his original state. tho his speed does not change his power and jump ability do. and his color turns dark green instead of the normal green.

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